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This Roadies Real Heroes contestant transformed drastically post facing sexual abuse and her story will amaze you!

Speed News Desk | Updated on: 22 May 2019, 12:25 IST

MTV show Roadies Real Heroes has been going on quite strong and viewers are watching the show with full interest and enthusiasm. Except from the strong gang-leaders Ranvijay Singha, Neha Dhupia, Nikhil Chinapa, Raftaar, Sandeep Singh and Prince Narula, the show has got some really exciting contestant one of which is Pooja Sharma who happens to be a real fighter. She has a story behind her which is shocking and inspiring at the same time.

The lady has transformed drastically post the dark phase of her life when she faced sexual abuse for years. Talking about the same she wrote, “Fab is the journey where I discovered about self love. As a kid my life was not easy since along with body shaming just like many others I faced “sexual abuse” for years together as a kid. Right now even whine writing this I am not sure if I should write it. But for long time I blamed myself for many things and always blamed myself for others mistakes as well.”

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Roadies Real Heroes


She further said that it was a hard period of her life which went on for a long time when she had to face emotional and physical abuse as a kid and she even said that many people out there might connect to her and think about the haunting thing that they have faced. She said that whatever happens in life it happens for a reason and these incidents have made her strong so much that she now knows how to face them.

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FLAB to FAB transformation


She even opened up about her partner Gaurabh and said that her childhood wasn't a happy one and she do not want to go back but she happy now because she has a partner like him who is understanding. She further said that even though they have disagreements in a lot of things so much so that sometimes they are on the verge of breaking up but she realizes that since they are humans, they will have difference of opinion and fighting on it is normal.

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All set for Goa for my birthday 😃 it’s next week 😛😛 . . Hope I get my abs back 😂 the amount of cheat I did during roadies huh I am paying for it now. . . For those who thinks abs are whole year, answer is “No” they aren’t also it’s not even healthy because you have to keep your fat percentage low. Which can effect your periods also. . . However you must have seen few people having abs throughout the year that’s their “GENETICS” nothing more. So please do not get influenced by them. . . Abs or no abs that doesn’t define how healthy or strong you are . . . It’s aesthetic. . . Sending you “Happy vibes” 😘 good Morning . . #poojaflabtofab #roadiesrealheroes

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Worked hard all my life to wear my favourite outfits ! That was my motivation. I am not like anyone, I worked hard just wear my favourite outfits and that was my goal from start. This sounds funny to a lot of people but those who can relate they can only understand. I never thought I will be able to wear this cute little bikini when I started. Believe me it took me too much of courage to post this picture. “Now I believe it’s not about shape it’s about confidence you wear ! No body shape can get you that “ But I strongly believe in one thing one life and do anything which makes you happy. If that happiness comes from little dress then it’s fine. If it comes from eating food that’s fine. It’s just you should be happy. My happiness also includes eating my “DESI FOOD” and getting my beach ready body and surprisingly it worked. Now eating yummy desi food and still enjoying my body is my new happiness ❤️ DESI FOOD LOVER HERE? . . #poojaflabtofab #roadiesrealheroes

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My favourite couple ❤️ . . If you think we are so perfect and ideal just like movies? Oh naaah never, ideal couple aren’t the movie one. . . In real life there are lots and lots of ups and downs. It might or might not be right to share this but I don’t care 🤷‍♀️. I wanna be real we are many times on urge of breaking up. And then we realise wake up “chalo get back to life “ . . We are human we have different opinion and that’s normal and fight are normal. Disagreement is normal. . . It’s important to respect each other and have a mixture of love and fight 🤪 . . We are Fitcouple not only because of fitness but because fortunately we are able to manage this relationship. . . . ___________________________________ For Training or collab DM or Mail at [email protected] ___________________________________ [www.fitfabfashion.com] ___________________________________ #poojasharma #bengluru #bangalore #mumbai #pune #delhi #chennai #abs #sixpacks #followforfollow #girlwholift #girlwithmuscles #girlwithabs #gym #gymrat #personaltrainer #fit #fitnessmodel #femalefitness #indian #ahemdabad #booties #personaltrainer #couplesgoals #happykarwachauth

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CARDIO or WEIGHT FIRST? . . ▶️It depends on your goal basically. . . . ▶️If you are someone looking to loose weight ana get more lean physic then answer is weight training first and cardio next. . . ▶️Since the aerobic system is much more efficient in terms of generating ATP, weight training first is great because it allows you to get to the fat burning portion of the workout faster than if you had done cardio first. . . . ___________________________________ For Training or collab DM or Mail at [email protected] ___________________________________ [www.fitfabfashion.com] ___________________________________ #poojasharma #bengluru #bangalore #mumbai #pune #delhi #chennai #abs #sixpacks #followforfollow #girlwholift #girlwithmuscles #girlwithabs #gym #gymrat #personaltrainer #fit #fitnessmodel #femalefitness #indian #ahemdabad #booties #personaltrainerlondon #cardio #weights #mtvroadies #roadiesrealheroes

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Pooja is in Neha's gang and opened up about her journey and said that she wanted to know what all she has earned amid this time. She practised for almost 6-7 hours to perform how she did. She said that she is always putting her best foot forward even in difficult circumstances and is always focused on what her next objective will be. She further said that she gets stressed over considering the possibility that she don't get in, because at last this life is your voyage high points and low points are a piece of it.

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She is truly an inspiration for all women out there. What do you have to say about her journey? Let us know and stay tuned for more updates!

First published: 22 May 2019, 12:12 IST