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Kasautii Zindagii Kay April 25,2019 Written Update: Komolika lashes out at Nivedita

Speed News Desk | Updated on: 26 April 2019, 10:12 IST
Kasautii Zindagii Kay 2

In the previous episode of Kasautii Zindagii Kay 2, we saw Anurag aka Parth Samthaan trying to help Prerna aka Erica Fernandes as she has hurt her leg while Kamolika aka Hina Khan gets irked when she sees Anurag helping Prerna. Meanwhile, in another frame, we saw Veena visiting Aryan’s family with a request. Coming back to Basu’s house we saw Komolika promising Anurag that from now on she will not doubt him and will not get instigated by Prerna’s evil mouth.

But inside Komolika knows Prerna’s intention of separating her with Anurag and tries to aware him that she will fake everything. Anurag assures Komolika that she is not alone and warns her to be careful as Vikrant has now teamed up with Prerna and now she carries a strong will-power as she always fulfils what she promises and then Anurag leaves the room in disappointment. While going out of the room he sees Prerna in pain and recalls his moments with her and tries to enter her room as he wants to make sure that Prerna is fine.

But to his disappointment, Prerna gets irked with him and shouts that she is sick of his fake concern, love towards and all these don't make her fall for him any more. While shouting at him Prerna warns him to wait and watch she can do and she will choose Tapur’s marriage for that. But to her shock Anurag gives her idea as to how she can ruin them, he says when boy’s family will come to see Tapur that will be the best opportunity for her to ruin his whole family. After hearing all this Prerna says she doesn't want to spoil Tapur’s life as she wasn’t at fault rather it's him who is at fault.

Meanwhile, we saw Sahil’s family comes to see Tapur and when Prerna see them coming she welcomes them and introduces herself as Anurag’s wife, seeing this Mohini tries to clear their misunderstanding that it's Kamolika and not Prerna but Nivedita intervenes and changes the topic. Later, when Tapur’s in-laws leave after fixing the marriage Mohini lashes out at Nivedita for interrupting her and seeing this Komolika too joins and starts fighting with Nivedita.

While fighting with Nivedita she also dragged Anupam and accuses her of supporting her husband who is in Prerna's team. Nivedita tries to clear the confusion but alas Komolika is so angry that she doesn't wants to listen to anything and is lashing out at her continuously. Seeing that fight is getting more tense Mohini jumps in and asks them to stop fighting, then turning towards Komolika she says that Nivedita doesn't lie and asks Komolika to control her anger and assures her that she will clear this misunderstanding whenever she finds the opportunity. After lashing out at Komolika, Mohini breaks into tears and tells her that Moloy wanted to see Tapur getting married as she is the youngest one among her siblings.

Moving to the other frame we saw Shivani getting a threating call from Ronit who warns her that he will not leave her alone and hearing this Shivani gets scared. Meanwhile, Savitri the matchmaker comes to Sharma's house and tells Veena and gives the good news that Atyan wants to meet Shivani but is a bit scared as Ronit threatened him with a gun. On the other hand, Prerna witness all the scene and asks her mother Veena to tell the whole truth after hearing this her mother hesitates a bit but Shivani tells her everything about Ronit’s misdeeds.

Coming back to Komolika, she demands from her manager that she wants every detail of Basu Publication as because of her only this company has reached the heights. She also spits her evil mind that she has original papers of Prerna’s house while she gave Prerna the copied one while spitting this out Anurag overhears everything and thinks of a plan to get those papers and went up to her to apologise her so that her temper cools down.

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