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Bigg Boss 11 December 13 Highlights: Priyank Sharma, Hina Khan takes revenge from Vikas Gupta; 5 Catch points of last night's episode

Speed News Desk | Updated on: 14 December 2017, 12:59 IST

The last night's episode of the popular reality show continued with its luxury budget task in which the house was divided into two teams one who will act as the robots and the other who will have to bring out emotions from these robots. The second half of the game happened inside the house in which many people took their revenge.

For those who missed the last night's episode of the reality show, we have the highlights in the form of 5 Catch points that will update you with the latest happenings.

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Check them out:

1. The day began with the fight between Shilpa and Akash. He taunted Vikas that earlier he used to hide things from Shilpa but now he searches for her. Vikas too made fun of him by saying that every girl falls on his feet. Hina took Akash outside and expained that he his doing wrong and should not do that.

2. Before the task began, Priyank talked to the camera and informed the audience that for the sake of game he will be saying both truth and lies. The task began and Priyank and Hina started shouting on Vikas for whatever he had said a day before. Hina lashed out at him and said that he thinks that since she is a girl she can easily get affected but this is not going to happen.

3. Hina asked Puneesh to play fair. The contestants try hard to bring out the emotion of crying out from the robots but they failed since noone got affected. Next came the emotion of laughter in which Hiten, Priyank and Akash had to perform. Akash came and danced in his boxers that really disgusted everyone while Hiten and Priyank disguised in women's attire that seemed funny but they also could not make the robots laugh.

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4. Bigg Boss asked Puneesh for the result and he announced that Vikas's team had emerged out to be the winner. When the game got over, Luv got upset with Priyank since he called him zero but Hina told him not to take things on his heart and not to make an issue out of it and react.

5. Akash told everyone that people are disgusting him over what he did in the task but he said that he did what the members of his asked him to do. Hiten told Akash that squeezing oranges during the task wasn't right but what's done is now done.

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First published: 14 December 2017, 11:20 IST