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Shocking! Google can now tell when you are going to die; here’s how

Speed News Desk | Updated on: 22 June 2018, 12:58 IST

Death is the last thing in one’s life because after it we don’t know what we do? But if we know that when we are going to die then we must be scared about it that this is our last day to live. However, an unpredictable death of our near and dear ones gave left us in pain. If you know that when will you die then surely either you will live your life tension free or with tensions. Believe it or not! But you will shock to know that Google will tell you about your last day.

According to the report of a scientific journal named Nature stated that Google is telling the death date of people by analyzing their medical history.

Reportedly, Google has analysed over 216,221 hospitalisations and 114,003 patients.



Here’s how you will be able to know your future via Google:

Google has an inbuilt artificial intelligence (AI) system which helps it in analyzing the database and automatically learn and improve it.

With its AI programmes, Google has taken the data about the patients’ health details like age, ethnicity, gender and, then, it combined all the information from the hospital and accumulate it and predict that when will be the patient would die.

In May, Google scientists had published the report about the medical condition of a woman who came to the hospital for her breast cancer treatment and also fluid building in her lungs. Hospital predicted her death chance was 9.3 per cent while Google said 19.3 per cent.

Because Google had learned about 175,639 data points about the woman including her past health records and also her current situation. You will be shocked to know that Google’s prediction was completely right and she died within a couple of days.



Since then Google’s algorithm is much faster than the computer which can be revealed everything about the patients health, lifestyle and even predict the death of the patient.

We must say that this data-crunching algorithm of Google can predict the risk of mortality, hospital re-admission, prolonged hospital stay and also discharge diagnosis.

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First published: 22 June 2018, 12:35 IST