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Beyond Illumination: Light + Building Fair 2018

Advertorial | Updated on: 14 March 2018, 17:11 IST

With an expected presence of over 200,000 visitors and more than 2,600 exhibitors, the Light + Building 2018 Frankfurt is the world’s largest lighting and building service trade fair. Ever since the first light bulb was invented in the 1800’s by Edison and his team, the technology has come a long way. Not only has lighting solution become a way of life, it is also an avenue for innovators to make it more sophisticated, viable and sustainable.

Modern day developers and urbanization planners know the relevance of sustainable living. They are looking for ways and means to cut down the cost of energy while minimizing the impact of the environment. Platforms like Light + Building 2018 Frankfurt offers a window into the innovation intended to transform modern living for the better.

So, without further ado, here is how the lighting revolution, especially IoT is going to impact every aspect of our lives and environment.

Smart Cities

The lighting industry has been hugely impacted by the IoT technology. Whether it is residential, commercial spaces or office buildings, IoT driven lighting solution is a connected system that allows the control of large-scale operations. Every point of source of light is connected leading to the procurement of large volume of data. These data offer insight into energy consumption, usage, and even human behavior. Based on these findings, the output of the lightning can be adjusted for maximum comfort.

Reputed brands like Bajaj Electricals have entered the IoT space with their smart city solutions. Smart cities integrate information and communication technology to manage assets and resources in the most efficient manner. IoT helps in building an ecosystem that not only improves quality of life but also helps in saving energy and protecting the environment.

Smart Retail

Several studies have shown that lighting has a huge impact on mood and human behavior. Taking a cue from this, the retail industry is invested in incorporating a lighting solution that is assimilating and comfortable. For instance, it is being assessed that lighting can influence purchasing decision amongst consumers. Smart retail lighting is a healthy mix of the appropriate lighting system, motion control, sensors and a centralized panel that attracts people to the store. Furthermore, running a brick and mortar store is an expensive undertaking. However, by incorporating smart lighting solutions the cost of operations can be significantly reduced.

Smart Building

Automation is central to the smart building. With the rise of office and commercial spaces, smart building concept is necessary to reduce the environmental impact of massive economic development. All aspects of running a building that includes lighting, air conditioning, ventilation systems and more can be controlled and managed efficiently. Smart buildings are the future of urbanization in a reliable and sustainable way.

Bottom Line

Innovation and technology are expected to change the way we view and operate our lives. For the longest time, rapid industrialization has eroded our environment and made it susceptible to climate change. Renewable energy, IoT technology, LED lights and intelligent lighting solution is the way forward.

First published: 14 March 2018, 16:58 IST