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TikTok CEO’s message for company's employees in India amidst Chinese app ban

Speed News Desk | Updated on: 1 July 2020, 15:18 IST

TikTok CEO Kevin Mayer has put out a message for the company’s workers in india in the midst of Chinese app ban that has led to TikTok to stop working . Shared on the official TikTok website, the message describes the situation as ‘unfortunate challenge in India’ and that the company is seeking to deal with the concerns of its stakeholders.

Kevin says that the welfare of TikTik employees is a top most concern for the company and that the company will do everything it can to reinstate the positive experiences and chance that they can be pleased with.

“Our platform has encountered an unfortunate challenge in India,” Mayer said in the message. “However, we stay resolved and committed to our mission, and are working with stakeholders to address their concerns. TikTok continues to comply with all data privacy and security requirements under Indian law and places the highest importance on user privacy and integrity.”

The message further says that TiKTok gives more than 200 million users in India a dais to show their creatinity, celebration self-expression, share their works.

Our daily audience of millions of users in India have come to rely on the joy and inspiration that TikTok provides every day in a unique and democratized environment,” Mayer said.

“These are unprecedented times but we remain committed to supporting the welfare of our TikTok creator community till this interim order is in force,” the message reads, further adding that its creator managers are working with the top creators on the platform to give them updates on what stepswill be taken to resolve the situation.

Furthermore kevin said that the team has guaranteed over 2.000 workers that it will do whatever it can “restore the positive experiences and opportunities that they can be proud of” without any explanation of what exactly that means.

To remember, TikTok is on of the 59 Chinese app that have been barred by the Indian government under the provisions of section 69 of the IT Act, as well as previsions of the IT Acts 2008. The Ministry of Information Technology stated that it had received reports on some mobile apps “stealing and surreptitiously transmitting users' data in an unauthorised manner to servers which have locations outside India.” Following the ban, TikTok was removed from the Google Play store and stopped working for those who already had it installed.

To this, TikTok first responded by saying that it will meet with concerned government stakeholders to respond and submit clarifications, and that this is an “interim order”.

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First published: 1 July 2020, 15:18 IST