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Indian Navy to send dozen high-powered steel boats to match heavier Chinese vessels in Ladakh

Speed News Desk | Updated on: 1 July 2020, 14:02 IST

Indian Navy is sending a dozen high- powered, bigger capacity and top of the line surveillance equipped boats to Ladakh in order to allow the Indian Army petrol Pangong Tso and be on a par with the heavier Type 928 B vessels of the Chinese Army.

The Pangong Tso lake is at the fore of People’s Liberation Army aggression in Ladakh with the Chinese intimidating India into conceding territory on both the banks and consciously pressing the Indian government into retaliatory approach.

During the time that third senior military commander level talks went on late into Tuesday at Chushul, the information is that they were held in amiable tone with both the sides discussing the precise details of de-escalation and dis-engagement along the LAC.

The resolve to send steel boats to Pangong Tso was taken by the tri-services this week with the Navy asked to send the vessels via C-17 heavy lift transporters to Leh on a priority basis. Besides signalling Indian intent to withstand any Chinese provocation, the heavier vessels will not be bossed in the water by the Chinese boat fleet.

Despite the fact that there are some logistical issue in transporting the huge boats by plain, resources are being planned by both Indian Army and Navy.

The Navy is forwardly stationed on its eastern and western seaboards with its naval fleets keeping an eye on the movement of ships from Andamans Sea to Persian Gulf to avert any inapt action.

While on the the face of it China is talking peace and disengagement in Ladakh, it is quite evident to Indian national security planner that the Chinese Army is actually strengthening the four stand off points along the LAC.

The assembling of troops in the Galwan region, the building of road at Gogra point , the upgradation of communication at Hot Springs and the massive infra push at the Pangong Tso all proves that the Chinese Army has no intentions to restore status quo aante.

In lieu, the Chinnese Army is determined on provoking Indian forces by trying to pect at more territory and force an intensification on the border.

The Indian government has given Indian army a free hand to cope with the situation on the border as China has decided to turn the difference on the LAC into permanent dispute.

The Indian troops and air force are all standing up to the PLA but will not start escalation on their own but only responds to the Chinese aggression.

Even as the world are waking up to new Chinese aggression, the Middle kingdom has always been a civilizational idea with Beijing rulers in the past two centuries. In this concept the only refined community is China with the rest of world being barbarians or tributary states.

By battling for sovereignty of Senkaku islands with Japan, contesting Taiwan security with US, contesting South China Sea with ASEAN and forcing India into a stand-off in Ladakh, China is openly displaying contempt to the world.

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First published: 1 July 2020, 14:02 IST