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Solar Energy: Rajkot Railway Division Saves Rs 27.18 lakh

Catch Team | Updated on: 6 July 2024, 15:52 IST
Rajkot Railway Division's Solar Energy Initiative

Rajkot: In a significant step towards reducing carbon footprint and promoting green energy, the Rajkot Railway Division has saved a whopping Rs 27.18 lakh in a year by harnessing solar energy at 18 railway stations and 7 office buildings.

According to officials, the division has generated over 4.54 lakh units of green energy through solar power plants with a capacity of 519 kilowatts. The initiative has not only reduced the division's reliance on traditional energy sources but has also led to a significant reduction in electricity bills.

Under the guidance of Divisional Railway Manager Ashwani Kumar and Senior Divisional Electrical Engineer Rajni Yadav, the division has taken several steps to reduce pollution and carbon emissions.

As part of this initiative, solar power plants have been installed at various railway stations and office buildings, including small stations.

The generated solar energy is being utilized to power various equipment, including lights, fans, computers, and streetlights at these stations. In addition, the excess energy is being transmitted to the grid and is being used to reduce the electricity bill.

Meanwhile, work is in progress at 15 stations under the Amrit Bharat scheme, which includes upgrading lighting systems, installing air-conditioning units, and providing lifts, among other facilities.

The Rajkot Railway Division is committed to promoting green energy and reducing its carbon footprint, and this initiative is a significant step in that direction.

First published: 6 July 2024, 15:52 IST