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Chaos Ensues as Villagers Rush to Update Aadhaar Cards

Catch Team | Updated on: 20 June 2024, 23:17 IST

Barmer (Rajasthan): In Pachpada village, a massive rush has been witnessed at ration shops and Aadhaar centers, with people queuing up to update their Aadhaar cards. This chaos is a result of the government's order to link the food security scheme with Aadhaar, leaving ration dealers and Aadhaar center operators overwhelmed.

In Gram Panchayat Pachpada, Mandapura, there is only one Aadhaar center, which opens in the morning. Long queues start forming even before it opens, and the crowd of consumers persists until evening. The absence of KYC (Know Your Customer) verification has left people anxious about being deprived of their rations.

The elderly and children are facing significant difficulties in Aadhaar verification due to fingerprint mismatch issues. As a result, people are forced to update their biometric data in their Aadhaar cards. The villagers have demanded that the administration open an additional Aadhaar center at the Pachpada post office to alleviate the massive crowds.

First published: 20 June 2024, 23:17 IST