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Air Taxi Service Begins, First Flight Arrives with Three Passengers, 7 Singrauli Bound

Catch Team | Updated on: 14 June 2024, 17:16 IST

Satna, (Madhya Pradesh) : The air taxi service has finally started in Rewa. The first flight arrived at 1:25 pm with three passengers on board, including a local politician named Divyaraj Singh. The event was attended by many important people, including the Deputy Chief Minister, Upendra Kushwaha.


The Deputy Chief Minister welcomed the passengers and handed out boarding passes. He said that the air taxi service will be a convenient alternative for people who want to travel quickly. The service will start with flights from Rewa to Bhopal, and later it will be extended to other big cities like Delhi, Indore, and Bangalore.


Air Ambulance Service Also Starts

 The Deputy Chief Minister also announced that an air ambulance service has started. This service will help poor people who need to travel to big hospitals in other cities for medical treatment. The government will pay a company 22 crore rupees every year to provide this service.


Passengers Happy with Air Taxi Service

 Many passengers were happy to use the air taxi service. One passenger, Anil Tiwari, said that he was going to Singrauli and decided to take the air taxi service because it's faster than traveling by road. Another passenger, Surya Kumar, said that he was happy to use the service because it will save him a lot of time.


Some Problems at the Airport

 There were some problems at the airport, including a broken air conditioning system and a lack of water. This caused some discomfort for the people who were present.


Airport to be Inaugurated Soon

 The airport will be officially inaugurated soon, and Rewa will be connected to big cities. The air taxi service will be a big relief for passengers who want to travel quickly and conveniently.


Government's 100-Day Plan

 The government's 100-day plan includes the inauguration of the Rewa Airport. The government is working hard to make it a grand event.

First published: 14 June 2024, 17:16 IST