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Viral Video: Tigers throw ‘wild pool party’ to beat the heat

Speed News Desk | Updated on: 4 March 2023, 18:16 IST
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Summer is here, and people are busy cleaning their air conditioners and water coolers to beat the scorching heat. But have you ever wondered how wild animals survive in the sweltering heat? We have a video clip that will surely answer that question.

Indian Forest Service (IFS) officer Susanta Nanda shared a video showcasing tigers beating the heat by submerging themselves in water.

Nanda also shared some information on how these big cats survive the scorching heat of the summer season. According to him, the massive size of these big cats and their relatively fewer sweat glands cause their bodies to heat up quickly, making it very difficult for them to live in a hot environment.

So to beat the heat, tigers prefer to submerge themselves in water for a longer time.

“Tigers & water are made for each other💕 Tigers living in hot environments get their bodies heated up quickly due to their size. Lacking sweat glands over most parts of their bodies, they prefer to submerge themselves in waterbodies for a long time to get rid of the excess heat,” Nanda wrote in the caption.

Watch Here.

Since being share the clip has garnered over 2,280 views and 300 likes. The users also shared their views in the comment section.

Here are some interesting comments by the Twitter users.

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First published: 4 March 2023, 18:16 IST