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Video: Bengaluru school girls fight on road, beat each other with kicks, punches, sticks [Watch]

Speed News Desk | Updated on: 19 May 2022, 13:52 IST
Bengaluru school girls fight.

A video footage of school girls fighting with one another on the Bengaluru’s street has gone viral on the internet. The clip displays two groups of girls fighting near Vittal Mallya Road on Tuesday.

A baseball bat is seen passing hands as girls grab each other's hair. The video also shows one of the girls being dragged down the staircase and her head banged against a wall.

While one group of girls is dressed in school uniform, others are sporting casual outfits.

The girls are also seen kicking, punching and jostling one another as some students ran away from the location.

Watch the video below:


The forty three seconds long video of the incident garnered thousands of views online. At last, some locals in the area stepped in to separate the fighting groups of girls.

As the video comes to an end, one of the girls is seen walking away with a bloody nose with the support of two of her friends.

There is no comment from the cops and no case has been filed thus far, but rumours have been going around on social media regarding the cause for the fight.

Some Twitter users have claimed that two girls fought over a boy and it all escalated when their friends joined in. People have also shared what they claim is a photo of the boy at the centre of the fight and screenshots of a conversation, which reportedly happened between the students.

The two girls who began the fight are from two different but prominent schools of Bengaluru.

While some Twitter users mocked the girls for fighting over such a paltry matter, others showed concern.

“Imagine a person who missed school on that day,” a user wrote.

“I honestly hope everyone who involved in this fight are genuinely ok,” another user said.

Few locals in the area even informed the police control room (PCR) about the incident.

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First published: 19 May 2022, 13:52 IST