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This hilarious Bangladeshi bucket ad is viral on internet [WATCH]

Speed News Desk | Updated on: 25 January 2023, 19:35 IST
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Companies do anything to sell their product and advertisement is the crucial option to display their product’s features in some seconds. In the era of competition when there are several products are already available in the market, companies have to think out of the box to make their products lucrative enough for customers.  

However, a creative team of a Bangladeshi bucket brand has taken their ad campaign to next level that it has amused the internet.

A video clip of a bucket company has gone viral on internet in which a hero is seen fighting with several criminals with a red bucket as his weapon. As the ad goes on, the hero can be seen turning over trucks and beating up the bad guys with the ultimate weapon – a red bucket.

The clip ends with the hero walking away unharmed, thanks to his 'extremely hard' bucket weapon. The bucket is named ‘Unique’ and the tagline reads ‘extremely hard bucket’ when translated from Bengali.

The post was shared by IPS officer Dipanshu Kabra with caption, “believe it, it’s an ad of a Bangladeshi bucket.”

Watch Here.

First published: 25 January 2023, 19:35 IST