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To win Bihar election politics is being played on a death: Shiv Sena

News Agencies | Updated on: 11 September 2020, 10:32 IST

In a veiled reference to the Sushant Singh Rajput death case, Shiv Sena in its mouthpiece Saamana on Friday said that to win the election in Bihar and to get votes of specific caste, politics is being played on a death.

"To win the election of Bihar and to get votes of specific caste, politics is being played on a death. National and political policies are decided in this regard. But millions of people become unemployed and poor, no policy is prepared on this," the Shiv Sena said.

"On the absurd statements of an actress, a large section of the society is delivering unilateral political rhetoric. The support of political parties is built behind all this. This is not a politics of national interest," it added.

"The CBI's investigation into the Sushant Singh Rajput death case has not concluded but Rhea Chakraborty has been arrested in a drug case. According to the plan, Kangana Ranaut also came to Mumbai. Now everyone should pay attention to the issues of national interest, national security and the issues of the people," it added.

Shiv Sena further pointed out that there are issues of national security and the current standoff with China that need to be focused on by the Central government but there is an attempt to divert the attention of the public from these issues to other issues for vested interests.

"Meanwhile, there is a conflict on the border between India and China. China has crossed Laxman Rekha and our commanders have been ordered to retaliate. China has entered our border and is not ready to retreat even an inch. Isn't this an attempt to cross Lakshman Rekha? Which Laxman Rekha we are waiting to cross now? The soldiers of both the countries are ready for the cross-border battle and this time the Chinese army will have to pay a huge price," it said.

"China killed our 20 soldiers on the LAC in Ladakh. Leaders forget that terrible event in a moment and people forget it too, so from time to time 'opium' is sown through different means. Consuming that opium will cause intoxication for a few moments, but it will not drive away the questions," it added.

Shiv Sena further said that there is a crisis of the collapse of the economy due to lockdown and the government needs to address it.

"The economy collapsed due to 'lockdown'. There was a crisis over employment. This has increased the number of suicides across the country. The country was already worried due to farmers' suicide. Now the very poor, employed, middle-class people are also committing suicide. Carpenters, plumbers, wiremen, small shopkeepers, mobile repairing workers, tanners, paint workers, workers of buildings, etc currently have no work," it said.

"Distressed by the economic tragedy caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, a carpenter named Ram Nihore (45) committed suicide by hanging himself in his house in Banda, Uttar Pradesh. Such reports are now being published daily in every State, city and village," it added. 


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First published: 11 September 2020, 10:32 IST