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Hardik Patel: Joining BJP 'out of question' in present circumstances

News Agencies | Updated on: 22 April 2022, 21:36 IST
Hardik Patel

Gujarat Congress Working President Hardik Patel on Friday said that his quitting the party and joining the BJP amid the rumours of infighting is "out of question" in the present circumstances while also stating that he welcomes the political decisions taken by the saffron party recently. "News of my leaving Congress and joining the BJP has been circulating in the news for a long time. But under the present circumstances, joining the BJP is out of the question. I've no plans to join BJP. I welcome the political decisions that have been taken by BJP recently," Patel said.

"If any such decision has to be taken in the interest of the state and its people, I will speak out," he added.

The Congress leader said that he has expressed his concerns to Congress and hoped that the party high command will listen to his grievances. "The Opposition has to worry about the people. If we fail in the opposition, people are looking for alternatives. We have to think of changing our strategy, I will say on the day when the political decision is ready. I come from a Raghuvanshi family, I have Hindutva. We have been associated with Hindutva for thousands of years. I have spoken of my concerns to the party. I hope the High Command will listen to me," he said.

In a message to the Opposition, Patel said that they need to struggle against the government on the issues of the people. "The opposition has to fight and struggle against the government on the issues of the people. But we are unable to do so. So people will look for another option. The party is strong in Gujarat as they have leadership with decision-making abilities and it is the time to make the right decision," he said.

Clarifying his stand on the question of joining the BJP, Patel said that he has no plans to join the saffron party. "This is not even in my mind. The strength of the enemy should be acknowledged. It is powerful. And the enemy should never be underestimated," he said. Lauding the BJP for revoking Article 370 and the construction of Ram Mandir, the Congress leader said that such decisions of the party should be commended. "I am not talking to BJP. I accept the good things of the BJP. BJP repealed Article 370 from Jammu and Kashmir, and now good deeds like the construction of Ram Mandir should be commended," he said.


First published: 22 April 2022, 21:36 IST