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Rebuilding Life with Positive Thinking

Catch Team | Updated on: 15 June 2024, 19:33 IST

Chennai (Tamil Nadu): Dr. Pratibha Shri, a Jain scholar, emphasized the importance of positive thinking at the Varthman Jain Shrawak Sangh in Adyar. According to her, there are two types of thinking: negative and positive. Positive thinking brings peace, increases understanding, boosts patience, resolves doubts, and leads to a healthy body and mind. Starting the day with positive thinking can lead to a life of joy and contentment.

On the other hand, negative thinking leads to anger, stress, and anxiety. Dr. Shri emphasized that by adopting positive thinking, one can rebuild their life. Positive thinking calms the mind, reduces stress, and increases happiness.

Sadhvi Anujna Shri also spoke on the importance of overcoming anxiety. She quoted a poetic line, "What you have is enough." She explained that anxiety can be overcome by understanding, introspection, and contemplation. Contemplation can lead to a life of liberation and peace.

The program was conducted by Minister Devraj Kothati. The Sadhvi Mandal will be staying at Nemichand, Parsmal, Kushal, Lalit, Jinesh Karnawat Mandeveli. This information was provided by Vimalchand Khabya, Minister of Mailapur Sangh.

First published: 15 June 2024, 19:33 IST