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Was PM Narendra Modi disrespectful to veteran BJP leader LK Advani in this viral photo? Check the truth here

Speed News Desk | Updated on: 30 December 2018, 18:02 IST
Viral pic of PM Modi and veteran leader LK Advani (Alt News)

A picture of PM Narendra Modi and former deputy PM Lalkrishna Advani is going viral on social media, where both the BJP stalwarts are meeting on a stage and Advani has folded his hands in the picture.

Some people have interpreted the image as PM Modi is disrespecting veteran BJP leader Lalkrishna Advani and the latter is asking for some kind of forgiveness and being merciful.

The picture is doing round on social media and the event in which this pic was captured was to release the Rs 100 coin to commemorate the birth anniversary of former PM late Atal Bihari Vajpayee on December 25.

BBC Hindi had tweeted the image asking the caption for it and the replies which came were suggesting that prime minister was being disrespectful to veteran leader.

Incorrect interpretation

Later on, fake news buster website Alt news found a video of the event where the two BJP leaders were greeting each other at the function which had ended and it had the hidden truth in it.

Seeing the video, it is clear that LK Advani and Narendra Modi greeted each other with a namaste. If one slows down the video and watches it frame by frame, as seen in the screenshot below, Advani had his hands in front of his chest with fingers folded before Modi turn towards him and greeted him. After both Modi and Advani exchanged greetings, Modi placed his hands behind is back, while Advani folded his fingers and continued to hold his hands in front of his chest, his fingers folded again,’ as reported by Alt News.

And therefore, the perception that Prime Minister Narendra Modi was disrespecting senior BJP leader LK Advani at the event was false and it was based on half or misinformation through different interpretation.

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PM Modi meeting BJP leader LK Advani (Alt News)

First published: 30 December 2018, 18:02 IST