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Samajwadi Party feud: Mulayam Singh brands son Akhilesh 'anti-Muslim'

News Agencies | Updated on: 12 February 2017, 11:06 IST

The ongoing political tussle between Mulayam Singh Yadav and his son Akhilesh Yadav escalated to a new level with the Samajwadi Party president alleging that the Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister is against the Muslims.

Extremely upset with the ongoing friction in the Samajwadi Party, Mulayam alleged that his son was always against the appointment of a Muslim Director General of Police (DGP) in Uttar Pradesh.

"Akhilesh attempted to wipe out the Muslims. It was on my urge that three constables from the Muslim community were appointed in the police force," said Mulayam while addressing the party workers in Lucknow.

Mulayam, in a fit of anger, also alleged that his son was acting at the behest of his uncle Ram Gopal Yadav.

"My son does not listen to me. He works on the instructions of Ram Gopal," he said.

Expressing disappointment over the ongoing tussle in the Samajwadi Party, the former Uttar Pradesh chief minister also said that he attempted to bring his son on board several times but added that the latter never listened to his views.

"I am trying my best to save the party and cycle. And if he (Akhilesh) doesn't listen then I will fight against him," he said.

Mulayam further said that he would abide by whatever decision the Election Commission takes.

The Election Commission is likely to give an interim order on 16 January regarding the Samajwadi Party factions i.e. of Mulayam and the other of Akhilesh, staking claims over the party symbol 'cycle.'

The three-member poll body, headed by Chief Election Commissioner Nasim Zaidi, earlier on Friday heard the arguments put forward by the two factions.

The political tussle began when Akhilesh was announced as the Samajwadi Party's president at a national convention convened by Ram Gopal on 1 January.

At the same convention, Mulayam was made the party patron.

This is when the matter reached the Election Commission's office, with Mulayam conveying that he continues to be the party president and that the party symbol should remain with his faction.

In response to this, Akhilesh's faction also approached the Election Commission claiming that the majority rested with their faction and so his group was entitled to get the symbol.

Former solicitor general Mohan Parasaran, appearing for Mulayam, argued the contention of any split in the party and stressed that the symbol should remain with the former Uttar Pradesh chief minister.

Countering Parasaran's arguments, Kapil Sibal appearing from Akhilesh's side said that if the former's argument was to be accepted then there was no need of hearing at all.

He further said that the party had split vertically and that majority was with Akhilesh.

As per sources, the Commission is likely to come out with an interim order freezing the symbol, owing to less time left for the elections.

In this case, the two sides would be allowed to pick up symbols from the free available symbols in the state.


First published: 16 January 2017, 4:03 IST