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Pune-based NGO starts beggar awareness campaign in Mumbai

News Agencies | Updated on: 5 August 2018, 14:38 IST

A Pune-based Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO) has begun an anti-beggar drive at the Mumbai Central railway station.

The NGO, Suraksha Social Organisation, started its campaign from Pune and has also held demonstrations in Mumbai's Dadar and Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus railway stations.
Chairman of the NGO, Vishal Owal told ANI, that through their campaigning they are trying to help beggars in rebuilding their lives.

The NGO also aims to create awareness about child trafficking in the business of begging.
"With the police's help, action is being taken and we're taking them to rehabilitation centres where they're being counselled. We are also asking people not to give alms to them as it only encourages them to continue this business," Owal said.

"We can only admit them in government-recognised NGO's at present. We are trying to appeal to other NGO's to tie up with us for the rehabilitation of the beggars," he added.

A volunteer cited a statistic from the National Crime Bureau, according to which a child is kidnapped every eight minutes, saying that most of them are sent to beg on the streets as they invoke pity and consequently more money from the public.



First published: 5 August 2018, 14:38 IST