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Political killings in Kerala 'threat to democracy': Governor Arif Muhammad Khan

News Agencies | Updated on: 4 December 2021, 0:41 IST
Kerala Governor Arif Muhammad Khan (Photo/ANI)

Kerala Governor Arif Muhammad Khan reacted to the recent alleged political killings of a Communist Party of India (Marxist) local leader and RSS worker in Thiruvalla and Palakkad respectively and termed the alleged murders as 'threat to democracy'.

He appealed to deal with the two cases in a civilized manner and asked the law enforcement agencies to do everything to bring the culprits to trial.

Earlier on Thursday, Communist Party of India (Marxist) leader PB Sandeep Kumar was allegedly stabbed to death in Thiruvalla in Kerala's Pathanamthitta district, said the party's state secretary on Thursday.

While, on November 15, an RSS worker was murdered in Palakkad on November 15.

"Any kind of violence is a threat to democracy. These matters should be settled in a civilized manner. The law enforcement agencies must do everything to bring the culprits to trial," Khan told the media persons.

"You know human beings, yes there are conflicts, there are differences of opinions. But these are to be settled, to be resolved in an amicable, in a civilised, in a democratic manner. The very fact that humanity after the longest struggle developed devised the system of democracy," he added.

"In human society, conflicts are bound to arise. But when we devised and adopted democracy, it meant that we are saying that goodbye to violence. And we shall use the democratic method. It's very unfortunate and I am sure that the state police will investigate the matter and try to bring the culprits to the book as soon as possible," he stated.

"My initiative will be to impress support the law and order authority to establish the rule of law firmly. Fortunately, even before my coming here, the political violence that has been raging here for a few years has come almost to an end," said Khan.

"If these two incidents have happened, they must take serious note of, and the law enforcement agencies, not only should take cognisance of them but must go everything to bring culprits to the trial, to the book and also that is absolute as I said to ensure that this kind of activities will not be, they have no place in a civilised society. So, this is for the law enforcement agencies. I am sure and I will know that they will act very soon. I have absolutely no doubt," he further stated.


First published: 4 December 2021, 0:41 IST