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Mumbai: Miracle Baby! Son born on the same day, 'three years' after father died in a car accident in Bengaluru

Speed News Desk | Updated on: 19 August 2018, 16:27 IST

No lesser than a miracle, a newborn baby boy was born three years after the death of his father in Jaslok Hospital, Mumbai. It was birth for not only the baby but for her mother who lost her husband after which her life turned no lesser than a horror for her. But thanks to the technology that a young marketing consultant, that a day of mourn turned into a day of joy for her.

In August 2015, Supriya Jain and her Husband, both young and happily married for five years, Bengaluru-based professionals decided that they wanted to be parents. But Supriya failed to conceive in a normal routine, so they move on towards the IVF process. Well, right after the process, Gaurav died in an accident after a truck rammed his car, near Hubli.

Jain started dealing and living with the grief and started to write an emotional blog describing her insomnia and utter her hopelessness. A few weeks after Gaurav's death, she wrote: "Even the day he was going, he finalised the logo of another new venture he was starting. He never went to his parents' house before going to the village - that day he did. Spent time with his nephew, his mom and his god. Told his mom he'll come back and give her a very good news (the baby) and left smiling."

Jain, originally from Jaipur, says she believes in destiny and in signs. "I knew that this whole baby thing was started for a reason and I wanted to finish the story." So, within a few months without consulting his or her families, she decided to have her husband's baby. She consulted a Dr with that one vial of sperm. "I cannot tell you how we have saved and used that one vial of sperm," says Parikh.

"When it arrived from Bengaluru, we were too nervous to even open it. We decided we would collect and fertilise enough eggs even if it meant waiting and going through several cycles." But the IVF cycle failed and they further moved on to find a surrogate. This was high time, they had tried twice, and only one more chance they were left with. Miraculously! This time, it worked.

Every year she used to go out from Bengaluru just before her husband's death anniversary. But this time she got a good news, news about her baby boy had come in the world. That time she was in Bali, and in no time rushed and took first flight, on the exact time when she had spoken to her husband last time.

“I hope he looks like his dad,” says Jain. “I didn’t want a baby, I wanted Gaurav’s baby. Our deal had always been that we would have one baby and adopt another. The good thing is that I will now never run away on his death anniversary.”


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First published: 19 August 2018, 16:06 IST