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Maharashtra: No question of alliance with BJP, ties respectful with PM Modi, says Sanjay Raut

News Agencies | Updated on: 1 July 2021, 15:09 IST
Shiv Sena leader Sanjay Raut (Photo/ANI)

Shiv Sena Rajya Sabha MP and senior party leader Sanjay Raut on Thursday said there was no possibility of an alliance with BJP in Maharashtra again, but stated that chief minister Uddhav Thackeray and his family still share good ties with Prime Minister Narendra Modi and that is separate from politics.

Speaking to ANI, Raut said that Shiv Sena has no personal "quarrel" with PM Modi.

Raut's remarks come in the backdrop of speculations of a thaw in the relations between former allies Sena and the BJP after the June 8 meeting of Thackeray with PM Modi.

"There is no question of alliance with BJP but our ties with the Prime Minister, whether it is Shiv Sena, whether it is the Thackeray family, our relations are very respectful and will be full of love. He is the Prime Minister of the country, we do not have any personal quarrel with him," Raut said.

He said Maharashtra would need Prime Minister's help during times when the state is in crisis.

"Differences have occurred, we have separated from the alliance, It does not mean that he has become our enemy. The Prime Minister is the leader of the country, Maharashtra needs him. Prime Minister will help when the state is in crisis." Raut added.

The Sena MP expressed confidence in the Maha Vikas Aghadi (MVA) government completing the full five-year term in Maharashtra.

"The MVA government is the best in the country, I want to tell you. This front is made for five whole years. This is our commitment, whether there is a series of meetings or not, it does not matter. You see, parties of three different ideologies have come together to form the government, it has completed two years. Opposition was talking about the fall of the MVA government in 10 days, yet it has completed two years and three more years will pass," Raut said.

Meanwhile, Raut also reacted to remarks made by former union minister and senior Congress leader Sushilkumar Shinde and said the Congress party should discuss the concerns about its functioning and introspection put forth by the senior leader.

"If Sushil Kumar Shinde has said something, the party (Congress) should discuss the issue as he is one of the senior-most Congress leaders and he has done so much for the party."

Speaking at a public function in Pune's Indapur, Shinde said the policies of the Congress may be wrong and introspection meetings are needed for course correction.

"Congress tradition of holding sessions on debates and dialogue has ended today. I feel sad about it. Introspection meetings are required. Our policies may be wrong, but to correct them, such sessions are needed," said the Congress leader.

The Shiv Sena and the Congress along with the NCP are part of the MVA government led by chief minister Uddhav Thackeray in Maharashtra.


First published: 1 July 2021, 15:09 IST