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Kargil: Gun Hill Commemoration Marks a Year of Bravery and Sacrifice

News Agencies | Updated on: 3 August 2023, 8:56 IST
Gun Hill Commemoration (Twitter: @adgpi)

Kargil (Ladhak): On 30 Jul 2022, an event took place in the history of Indian Artillery as Point 5140, one of the highest and most formidable peaks of the Kargil War, was officially rechristened as "Gun Hill."

The decision was made as a tribute to the valiant efforts of the Gunners during the Kargil Conflict and it honoured the thirty-five brave gunners who made the ultimate sacrifice.

The rechristening ceremony was attended by veterans and serving soldiers of the Gunner Fraternity, commemorating the heroism displayed during the war.

On 30 July 2023, an expedition to Gun Hill was undertaken by fifty-two gunners from the 'Forever in Ops' Artillery Brigade.


The climb was challenging, but it revived memories of the Kargil War and the stories of bravery and sacrifice of the soldiers who recaptured Point 5140 on 20 June 1999.

Despite facing intense enemy fire, the gallant soldiers of 13 Jammu and Kashmir Rifles successfully assaulted the positions on the peak and claimed victory by 0330 hours.

The Company Commander, Captain Vikram Batra, immortalised the triumph with the words "Yeh Dil Maange More!!"

The remnants of an enemy Sangar, scattered ammunition boxes and cracked rocks bore witness to the devastating effect of over forty thousand rounds fired with unmatched accuracy by the Artillery.

As the expedition team reached the top of Gun Hill, a lone bunker stood as a testament to the bloody battle that once raged there.

A sense of accomplishment and joy filled their hearts as they celebrated the indomitable spirit and camaraderie, shouting victory slogans of the Indian Army and the Regiment of Artillery.

The Gun Hill commemoration marked not only a year of remembrance but also celebrated the unwavering resolve and determination of the Gunners, who played a crucial role in achieving victory in the Kargil Conflict.

First published: 3 August 2023, 8:56 IST