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Justice Katju targets MNS; calls Bal Thackeray & Raj Thackeray 'shameless'

Nishant Saxena | Updated on: 10 February 2017, 1:46 IST

Retired Supreme Court Judge Justice Markandey Katju dove into another controversy after targeting the Maharasthra Navnirman Sena (MNS) for their demand to ban Pakistani artistes performing in India.

Justice Katju, in his recent tweets targeting MNS, said, "MNS people are goondas who have drunk the salt water of the Arabian Sea. I am an Allahabadi goonda, who has drunk the water of the Sangam."

In another tweet, he said, "So instead of showing your bravery on those helpless artists, come have a dangal with me, and let the world see who is a bigger goonda."

Not content with just that, Justice Katju, posted on Facebook, "While almost all Indian politicians are goondas, Bal Thackeray was one of the most brazen and shameless and Raj Thackeray is not far behind."

Earlier, Justice Katju had put up several controversial posts on Facebook about people from Bihar and Odisha.

And of course, no FB post from Justice Katju is complete without the mention of an ubiquitous danda (stick) which he claims to possess and wishes to constantly hit people with.

No wonder then that his posts have been deemed offensive by netizens. Even if they include what the Justice calls 'poetry'. Perhaps because the famous danda makes an appearance here as well? Sample this:

There was a man from Allabad (SIC)

Who thought he was everyone's dad

When they said you're a joke

He said listen you folk

My danda will soon make you real sad

Earlier, Justice Katju had slammed Newslaundry's Madhu Trehan for her wrong pronunciation of Urdu words and told her he wanted to hit her with the danda on her head.

First published: 20 October 2016, 12:24 IST