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Indian Railways suspends all regular time-tabled passenger trains until 12th August

Speed News Desk | Updated on: 26 June 2020, 14:38 IST

All regular time-tabled passenger train, which includes mail express, passenger and suburban services which were cancelled by the Centre till 30th June, will now continue to be suspended till 12th August, Indian Railways said.

Notwithstanding that, special passenger trains which includes 200 mail express trains and 30 Rajdhanis that have been in operation from 12th May and 1st June will carry on plying.

The latest round of cancellations of trains comes after an increase in coronavirus cases across the country.

  Here’s what it means:

* All tickets booked for the regular time-tabled trans from 1st July to 12th August also stand cancelled and full fares will be given back.

* Officials of the railways ministry, special trains, including suburban trains along the Central and Western railway zones and Shramik Special trains, will carry on operating.

* Passengers who booked the ticket from the railway counter can apply for a refund from the date of the journey till 6-months. They will have a file a Ticket Deposit Receipt or TDR at the station. They can submit TDRs within two months to chief claim officer or chief commercial manager refund’s office. The refund will be sorted subsequent to confirmation only.

* For people who bought the tickets online, will get an automatic refund on their accounts.

* Passengers will be notified and bookings will be done, as and when a decision is taken about them.

* On Tuesday, the Indian Railways announced that all cancelled tickets booked for regular train on or before 14th April will soon be refunded.

* Through a notification on 15th May, Indian Railways had cancelled all trains scheduled for travel till June 30, 2020, and decided to refund the tickets.

* Ministry of Railways officials have stated that more special trains in addition to the 230 trains operating during the lockdown period may also be announced soon in a separate notification.

* Passenger train operations have been suspended since March 22. It was only on May 16 that restricted passenger train services resumed in India.

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First published: 26 June 2020, 14:38 IST