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Congress: BJP's resolution at Una conclave bundle of lies

News Agencies | Updated on: 10 February 2017, 1:46 IST

Three Himachal Pradesh cabinet Ministers condemned the resolution passed by the BJP at its conclave at Una against the state government and rejected the same as bundle of lies.

In a joint statement issued on 5 august in Shimla, the ministers, Vidya Stokes, G S Bali and Mukesh Agnihotri said the Una Conclave of BJP was a futile effort of a dejected and divided house to put up a brave face.

All round development in the state under Congress government has caused panic in the BJP and its leaders were trying desperately to register their presence, they said.

"The utterings of the BJP leaders that they would not allow the rallies of Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi to take place in Himachal showed its lack of faith in democracy and fascist mindset of the BJP leaders" the leaders said adding that Congress party would hold massive rallies and nobody can stop it.

Dubbing the repeated demand of the BJP for resignation of Chief Minister as ridiculous, the Ministers said that it was unfortunate that the BJP was harping on negative publicity and its leaders needed the name of Virbhadra Singh to draw attention and used the conclave as platform for unleashing malicious propaganda against the government.

Asserting that Singh was one of the most popular Congress leaders in the country and heading a stable Congress government in the state, they said Congress government was committed to development of the state and welfare of its people.

It has brought respite to the people from the misrule of BJP Government.

Baffled by the popularity of Congress Government in the State, the frustrated BJP leaders were resorting to malicious and mischievous propaganda, the Ministers said.

Refuting the allegations that no development was taking place in the State, the Ministers said that it seemed that the BJP leaders were unable to digest the unprecedented development going on in the State.

The ministers claimed that the present Congress government would not only complete its full term but also win the next assembly elections.

It was during the BJP regime that there was corruption, and rule of mafia in the state, they alleged.

The BJP leaders should stop day dreaming about returning to power in Himachal as their wishful thinking would never become a reality as the people of the state were well aware of their misdeeds and give them a befitting replay, the Ministers said.


First published: 6 October 2016, 8:38 IST