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BJP accuses Rahul Gandhi of seizing farmers' land in Amethi

News Agencies | Updated on: 10 October 2017, 18:03 IST

Ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leaders have vehemently attacked Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi for ignoring his own constituency and raising the fingers on the Prime Minister Narendra Modi led BJP government in the centre.

While Union Minister for Information and Broadcasting Smriti Irani accused the Congress Party for seizing the land of farmers, BJP President Amit Shah said, "I have never seen the winning candidate ignore his own constituency while the defeated candidate cares for it like her own child."

The BJP leaders Amit Shah, Smriti Irani and Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath were addressing a public rally in Amethi.

As the Amethi rally coincides with Rahul Gandhi's address in Gujarat's Vadodara, Shah also castigated Gandhi for questioning development in Gujarat.

"Public of Gujarat know what is development; Rahul Baba, you see what ruin you brought upon to Amethi," Shah said, and in an account of three years of work, he stated that the BJP government has launched 106 Yojanas (Schemes).

Castigating the Congress vice president for his criticism of the BJP-led government, Union Minister Irani demanded answers for the lack of development in Gandhi's own constituency Amethi.

According to Irani, a piece of land was taken over by Akhilesh Yadav led previous UP government from the farmers for the purpose of building a Cycle Factory, with a promise of providing them employment. But this factory was soon shut down, and the same land was taken over by the Rajiv Gandhi Foundation, which is not even involved in the commercial activities.

Irani who lost Amethi's Lok Sabha constituency to Rahul Gandhi in 2014, claimed that the development in Amethi began only after BJP government came in Centre.

She also brought the issue of people in Pipri village, and said that the former government was deaf to their problem of parts of land submerging in the river, and added that Gandhi never raised the issue in the parliament.

"Those who are making speeches about development across the whole country cannot develop their own Lok Sabha constituency," Irani said.

Irani claimed that with Adityanath taking the reins of UP government, her plea for Pipri village's issue was immediately heard, and the seven-year-old problem was solved in six months.

Irani also enumerated the developmental schemes and projects that the Centre undertook in Amethi.

"If Rahul ji is listening to me, you go around the world talking about development, but at least tell the nation that if today TB units are installed in district hospitals for the first time in Amethi, it's after BJP came in the government. It was never accomplished in Congress' government," Irani said.

She further added that the District Collector's office, Chief Medical Officer's office and District School Inspector's office were built in Amethi after BJP government came in centre and state.

Irani continued her attack, and mocked the Gandhi scion over his objection on the FM station in Amethi.

"He had cut the ribbon of relay transmitter and now questions why we are making FM station in Amethi. A person who doesn't know the difference between relay transmitter and FM station, he is giving knowledge about development. How much it suits him should be a concern for Congress party," Irani said.

Bhartiya Janata Party President Amit Shah and Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath also echoed her attacks against Gandhi on this occasion.

Attacking Rahul Gandhi, who is also a Member of Parliament from Amethi, BJP President Shah said, "I have never seen the winning candidate ignore his own constituency while the defeated candidate cares for it like her own child."

He also responded to Rahul Gandhi's attack on the Central government's claims of development.

"I want to ask the prince of Congress. You ask of Modi ji's account of three years of work, Amethi asks you an account of three generations of work," Shah said.

Commenting on Irani's claim about Rajiv Gandhi Foundation taking the Cycle factory land, CM Adityanath said that illegal land acquisition was an age-old tradition of Gandhi family, and added, "Somewhere son-in-law is seizing land and somewhere their son, but this will not go on for long in UP."

He also said that the land will either be used towards enterprise, or be returned to the farmers, but would not allow a foundation or family to have it.

Adityanath termed Gandhi's visit to Amethi as an attempt to mislead the public, and claimed that his party cannot bring development as "they don't have love for the country, motivation for development, or any concern for the poor." 


First published: 10 October 2017, 18:03 IST