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Bengaluru: People stage protest against rituals during eclipses

News Agencies | Updated on: 28 July 2018, 13:07 IST

Scores of people gathered outside Bengaluru's Town Hall on Friday to stage protest opposing the weird practices followed during eclipses.

The crowds were promoting the scientific reason behind the occurrence of an eclipse and asked people to turn down the superstitious belief followed during the phase of the eclipse.

While protesting they also ate food, which is prohibited as per the Hindu tradition, during the phase of an eclipse.

Talking to ANI, a protestor said, "We are here to celebrate and welcome lunar eclipse. Some pundits and astrologers claim that the day should not be celebrated. We want beliefs like not drinking water or eating food during eclipses to end."

The world witnessed Blood Moon or total lunar eclipse, the longest of the 21st Century on Friday.
The century's longest total lunar eclipse, which began on July 27, lasted till the early hours of July 28.

According to the Hindu tradition, no religious or auspicious practices are performed at the time of a lunar eclipse.

Going by this tradition, many famous temples across the country also remain closed for darshan during the period. People performing puja are instructed to do it before or after the eclipse.

People following the Hindu religion are also advised to take bath before and after a lunar eclipse. They also avoid cooking or consuming food during that period.


First published: 28 July 2018, 13:07 IST