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Andhra Pradesh BJP holds dharna against YSRCP government

News Agencies | Updated on: 28 July 2021, 17:22 IST
Somu Veerraju, chief of Andhra Pradesh BJP. (Photo/ANI)

Andhra Pradesh BJP members held a dharna against the YSRCP-led state government on Wednesday.

BJP has alleged that the state government was acting against the Hindu dharma by encouraging Muslim appeasement and conversions to Christianity.

BJP Andhra Pradesh President Somu Veerraju had conducted a four-day "Temple Darsan Yatra" from July 24-27. On Tuesday he held a protest at Proddutur, the site where a Tipu Sultan statue is set to be erected.

Today, the BJP protested against YSRCP MLA Chennakesava Reddy's alleged remarks on the anti-cattle slaughter law. The MLA from Yemmiganur had allegedly called for the abolition of the law.

BJP said it sees his comments as a part of anti-Hindu attitude of the ruling regime and has demanded that the chief minister YS Jaganmohan Reddy take an action against the MLA.

Today, the BJP state party chief Veerraju held a rally and cow puja before starting with the dharna.

Veerraju stated: "When British were ruling India, our population was 30 crore, and population of cows was 100 crore. Gradually British tried to distance cows from our Indians' lives. Jagan government is also following the footsteps of British."

He said that was the reason for the YSRCP MLA speaking against the anti-cow slaughter.

"Cows are sacred for Hindus and have high medicinal values. The Constitution provides protection for cow. But YSRCP government is ignoring all that. The YSRCP MLA spoke against cow. Is it not Muslim appeasement? When the BJP people tried to oppose the MLA, police cases are filed on our workers", the BJP leader Veerraju said.

Veerraju also alleged that YSRCP worker had set up a church in a Hindu Scheduled Tribe (STs) dominated village and was attempting to convert people into Christianity and attacking the ones who refused to do so.

"During my four day long temple visit yatra, I went to a village in Prakasam district. It is an ST village. All ST people in that village are Hindus. A YSRCP worker has set up a church there and trying to convert them into Christianity. As those people are not falling in their trap, the Christians attacked on those poor tribal people. They are now undergoing treatment at Guntur Hospital".

The state BJP chief also alleged that the state government was constructing churches and paying money to Muslim clerics and pastors using public money.

"BJP is not against the Muslims or Christians. But hurting the sentiments of Hindus to appease Muslims and Christians is not acceptable to BJP. We will continue our struggle against such appeasement politics" Veeraraju said.


First published: 28 July 2021, 17:22 IST