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Soan Papdi: Love it, hate it, but you can't ignore this Diwali sweet

News Agencies | Updated on: 18 October 2022, 10:38 IST
Diwali 2022

Diwali is as much a festival of lights as it is of food. It's the occasion when people love to indulge in different delicacies, especially sweets.

And when it comes to Diwali sweets, soan papdi instantly comes to mind, all thanks to relatives for playing 'passing the parcel' with it.

Soan papdi, also known as san papri, sohan papdi or patisa, is usually cube-shaped or served as flakes, and has a crisp and flaky texture. It is prepared with ingredients such as all-purpose flour, gram flour, sugar, water and milk. Don't know if it's really the taste or the affordable price that actually makes this light-as-air sweet the official Diwali gift.

Interestingly, soan papdi not only rules the Indian markets during the festive season but also witnesses a meme fest on social media.

As this year's Diwali is just around the corner, soan papdi has already become the talk of the town on the internet. speedily. Twitterati couldn't help but make memes on this unique and interesting phenomenon of gifting the yellow flaky sweet on Diwali.

Take a look at how netizens are sharing memes, jokes on soan papdi ahead of Diwali:

"Today he gave me a nickname "soan papdi" Should i consider it a love language or hate language," a Twitter user quipped.


"HR is thinking about this only Asking for vendors, and scrolling through multiple social media platforms to get ideas some of us are also noticing people in metro to crack a useful gift for the employees. Itna stress matlo HR just chill- Kuch nahi mila to soan papdi to hai he," a social media user tweeted.

"A Pilot is second highest traveller in world in October month Soan papdi is still at first," a Twitterati joked.


One netizen created a soan papdi meme using stills from Akshay Kumar-starrer 'Welcome' film. The stills show the actors of Welcome playing a deadly game of passing the parcel. With this particular meme, the social media user joked about how people get Soan Papdi every Diwali in spite of several attempts of getting rid of it.


Whether you like it or not, soan papdi certainly finds its way to your homes on Diwali.


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First published: 18 October 2022, 10:38 IST