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September 17: Know your horoscope for the day

Speed News Desk | Updated on: 17 September 2017, 14:01 IST

1- Aries

Your near and dear ones will get all your attention. However pressing the work, you will try and spend some quality time with them.

2- Taurus

Your relationships will burn strong and bright. You will achieve success through team work and cooperation and cooperating with others. There is a strong possibility of gains for your life partner.

3- Gemini

You will have ample time to pay attention to your personal matters. You will have to keep a track of your schedule so that you do not lose track of your responsibilities.

4- Cancer

You will feel the rewards of this process more during the latter part of your life. You will feel great interest in matters that deal with inward powers; this could mean spiritual inclination in some of you.

5- Leo

Careful reading of new contracts and timely renewal of existing contracts are advised. It is a good period for meditation and spiritual practices.

6- Virgo

There is also a danger of embarking on a number of projects and leaving them mid-way. Health of elderly family members may be of great concern.

7- Libra

A quiet confidence is what will bring you to the right path and success. Your finances will not pose any problem provided you do not try your hand at quick and fast money back schemes. You will no doubt be very attracted to ‘money people’.

8- Scorpio

One of word of caution, do not be in a hurry to make money and stay away from reckless betting or share trading; it could lead to loss.

9- Sagittarius

Today will also be a true test of your real friends and enemies. You might be surprised at how many loyal people you find.

10- Capricorn

Love and romance has great potential for both single and married persons. Depressive thoughts and unfounded worries will clear up and you will be your normal self again.

11- Aquarius

Your finances look quite strong but a watch over your expenditure is strongly recommended.The health of elder family members may cause worries.

12- Pisces

You will enjoy the company of people who will also provide a boost for your ego. There will be a happy glow where children are concerned.

First published: 17 September 2017, 6:32 IST