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Interior furnishing trends among urban Indian millennials

News Agencies | Updated on: 29 June 2017, 13:56 IST

From wanting personalised style of interior furnishings to renting out big kitchen appliances -- urban Indian millenials are setting new trends and ditching the heavy interior look, say experts.

Millenials do not hesitate to pay a higher amount for quality furniture, according to designer Divya Arora at Roop Vatika and Geetansh Bamania, CEO and founder at renting solutions company RentoMojo. Here's what they said:

* Youngsters want a personalised style of interior furnishing and design which symbolises individual ideology and style.

* Flexibility is a requirement since place of residence may not be permanent and the need to be able to fit everything in is definitely there. Flexibility means the young can arrange their furniture pieces in different spaces --at times modular is a great option.

* Most rented properties in the cities are available semi-furnished, owing to which more and more millenials are doing the interiors of their homes with rented furniture. In Bengaluru, maximum number of orders are for bedroom furniture over other segments.

Similarly, in Mumbai, most people pick out a complete bedroom package with wardrobe, bed, mattress and a bed side table. An interesting trend that has been noticed is that millenials do not hesitate to pay a higher amount for quality furniture.

* Being creative and being a trend-setter in most of the fields is what this generation is all about. Awareness, exposure and implementation along with decisiveness is what sets them apart.

* Where previously, a lot of professionals in the early start of their career would buy second-hand appliances, more and more millenials are now renting these appliances. In Bengaluru, the most ordered product is the single door fridge and next is automatic washing machine.

Single door fridge, top load washing machine, microwave solo has the best movement in Mumbai. This highlights the average living space of the consumer and preference on need over necessity.

* Function precedes form, yet form is important. Anything and everything has to be utility-oriented and if possible have a multiple usage.

* A strong indicator of the aversion of millennials towards commitment to long-term assets is the preference of 12 months tenure for renting. Even if it is for a period as long as a year, millenials prefer to rent instead of buying.

* Being aware and brand conscious and quality conscious is one thing, but they are smart enough to spend judiciously. They are always aiming going for things that provide value for money.


First published: 29 June 2017, 13:56 IST