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Horoscope today: Check out astrological predictions for Aries, Taurus, Gemini, and other zodiac signs

Speed News Desk | Updated on: 24 March 2022, 12:51 IST

Every astrological signs have their own traits and characteristics which explains someone’s persona.Wouldn’t it be helpful if you start your day by already knowing about what’s going to come your way?

Find out if the odds will be in your favour or not.


You surely cannot go far wrong if you stick to a creative and individualistic approach. Only if you push your own interests to one side and comply with a plan that does not complement you, will the planets kick up a stink. Romantic partners are keeping their secrets, so if you are eager to know their intentions you may have to sit back and be patient.


It is not surprising that Taureans often do not see eye to eye with other people. After all, this is one of the famously obstinate fixed signs. However, if anyone is really trying to come to an agreement, do make allowances for them. You might even want to set a good precedent.


There are certain stumbling blocks or snags linked with a financial matter but, holistically, I think it is safe for you to proceed. Happily, you are heading for a windfall within a few weeks. However, its size cannot be foreseen, so don’t get too excited!


Do not let anyone coax you to give up certain benefits or rights. If you are going to give something up, and you probably will, it must be in a manner and at a time of your own choosing. That much is clear. However, I don’t think other people will agree!


You may like laying down the law over personal matters, but you must let other people their say. Not a soul will thank you if things that go wrong are your responsibility, so share the burden, and then others will share the blame. And this is, by the way, a time when even the best plans might come unstuck!


The Moon, emotional as ever, is about to expand its capacity in your financial matters. This is astrological jargon for saying that domestic costs are likely to go up, but that money invested in the fabric of your home should be well used. Good news from far should cheer you up.


The advantage now seem to be definitely on your side, though the end result is not assured. You should now determine what’s right for you and then carry it through with the courage of your belief. If money is involved then take every possible precaution to make certain that you are completely protected.


The Sun’s present position plays a powerful part in the Scorpionic psyche yet, bearing in mind that nothing in astrology comes without effort, you must expect someone in authority to disagree with your plans before long – so get your arguments prepared.


It would be the easiest thing in the world to refuse to have anything to do with people who are in trouble or otherwise in need of support. Yet can you really stand and look the other way? It doesn’t look as if you can, so offer whatever help is required.


The relation between Venus and Neptune is a lively one, and full of promise for pleasant social and romantic encounters. Therefore, please do your best to keep the peace, and see to it that other people reap benefits from your sense of cosmic goodness.


No one should expect you to do a secondary or supporting role, mainly not when you have so much to offer. However, I must say that all your planets are lined up in regions of your chart that are putting charity, idealism and philanthropy ahead of self-interest.


Your chart is in an extremely powerful position, but you don’t always make the most of your talents. As a Piscean, you are aware of the fact that you are a born worrier, but this may not be the right time to dwell on the future. Please live for today and stop thinking about what might happen tomorrow.

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First published: 24 March 2022, 12:48 IST