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Shashi Tharoor tweets hilarious video of people banging plates ahead of ‘Janta Curfew’

Speed News Desk | Updated on: 20 March 2020, 22:26 IST

After Prime Minister Narendra Modi called ‘Janata curfew’ on 22nd March (Sunday) during his address on coronavirus to Indians on March 19, social media has been flooded with several reactions. Besides, Janata curfew, PM Modi also asked people to show their gratitude to doctors, nurses, and others for their immense support during the COVID-19 outbreak, in their home’s balcony or gate by beating plates, clapping at 5 pm on Sunday.

This announcement of PM Modi doesn’t go down well with some of his haters and oppositions as many people tried to mock at his speech and his announcements, including the beating of plates, clapping at 5 pm on Sunday. In the list of trollers, Congress MP of Thiruvananthapuram, Shashi Tharoor also tried to took a dig at the speech of PM Modi by sharing a hilarious video on his Twitter.

MP of Thiruvananthapuram captioned a video, “Trust the Malayalam movie industry to take up causes before the rest of the country does... We are not waiting till Sunday at 5 pm. #covid19."


The above clip is from the Malayalam film released in 2007, Mayavi. However, the video has been dubbed with infamous chanting by Ramdas Athawale on COVID-19 i.e. ‘Go corona’.

The 14-second clip showed that how the cast of the movie is in the jail and while they were dancing, a background chants of go Corona played, and actors in the clip were also banging their plates.

After watching the rib-tickling video, netizens can’t control their emotions and shared it in the comment section.

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First published: 20 March 2020, 22:26 IST