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Felt like we were making movies: Liam Cunningham on 'GoT'

News Agencies | Updated on: 28 July 2017, 17:12 IST
Felt like we were making movies: Liam Cunningham on 'GoT'

Irish actor Liam Cunningham, best known to "Game of Thrones" fans as Ser Davos, says the seventh part of the show is more cinematic than the previous seasons.

Cunningham's character was first introduced in the season two of the show as the 'Hand' (a king's closest adviser) to Stannis Baratheon. After the death of his previous master, he has become a trusted adviser of Jon Snow, who was resurrected from dead in the show thanks to Davos.

He says they spent the same amount of time shooting the seven episodes this year as they did while they were doing 10 episodes and as a result the show has become more cinematic.

"We're shooting on locations and on huge sets that have to be built. The ambition is enormous; the vista is going to be tremendous. To the extent that if you look at the Battle of the Bastards last year, that was 24, 25 days shooting for a 20-minute sequence.

"This year we've used that kind of cinematic aspect throughout. It felt more like we were making movies than TV. Cunningham said in a release here.

The actor believes he has an important role to play with Jon Snow emerging as the new leader in the HBO drama, which is known for its jaw-dropping twists and turns.

"We left him (Davos) at the end of season six with Melisandre banished and Jon Snow his new boss almost by accident. Now, with Melisandre's banishment, I think Jon realises that there's value in this guy. What's interesting is, even though Jon is King in the North, he hasn't made Davos a Hand or anything like that. Their relationship's not official," he says about his character's arc.

Cunningham says the show is finally headed for the long awaited arrival of the Night's King and his army of zombies, known to 'Game of Thrones' fans as wights.

"I suppose one thing with this season is whereas Stannis was a dour leader, Jon is an honest, young kind of guy, which means there's a little more room for humour this year.

"But at the same time things are getting serious. Obviously, with this being the penultimate season, it's ramping up. The situation with the Night's King and his cronies is coming to a head, Westeros is possibly going to be destroyed, possibly going to be ethnically cleansed," predicts Cunningham.

In India, the season seven of "Game of Thrones" airs on Star World and Star World HD every Tuesday at 11:00 PM.


First published: 28 July 2017, 17:12 IST