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CT scan test can lead to cancer? Here's what COVID positive patient should know

Speed News Desk | Updated on: 5 May 2021, 13:57 IST

The second wave of coronavirus is affecting the lungs of the patients rapidly. To know the impact of the deadly virus on the lungs many people are undergoing CT scans even on having mild symptoms. The reason behind doing the CT scans is that the new COVID variant is not found in the RT-PCR test.

Recently, a study claimed that a CT scan should not be done if a patient is having mild symptoms because the radiation that emerged during the process could lead to cancer.

If you are also planning to undergo a CT scan to know whether your lungs have been affected or not then you should read this study.

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Know what is CT scan?

CT stands for Computed Tomography. Through this technique, the chest or brain is scanned. There are a total of 11 types of CT scans.

Why CT for COVID positive patients?

COVID-positive patients undergo a CT scan of the lungs to know the level of infection due to the virus. Therefore, people are nowadays are more relying on CT scans, however, the test has its side effects. It can also even cause cancer. In a CT scan, the internal organs of the body are captured in-depth. Therefore, the radiation could cause cancer. People should not that a CT scan is equivalent to 300-400 chest X-rays.

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Know when to have a CT scan if you are a COVID patient:

On Monday AIIMS Director Randeep Guleria advised people not to undergo CT scans in case of mild symptoms and also warned people not to take steroids in the early infections of the COVID.

In a CT scan, the machine takes cross-sectional images of the body with the help of computers and rotating X-ray machines. Through this, COVID infections can be detected by checking the signs of pneumonia or white patches in the lungs.

In comparison to last year, people are more relying on the expensive scan this year.

While addressing a press conference, Randeep Guleria said, “There have been studies which show that around 30-40 percent of people who are asymptomatic but are Covid positive and got a CT scan done, they also had patches which ended without any treatment.”

He further said that CT scans and markers are being misused. Guleria said that there is no use of the CT scan when a patient is having mild symptoms as it will not detect COVID.

The AIIMS director suggested going for an X-ray first, if necessary. He also said that a patient should undergo a CT scan on the advice of a doctor only.

He also said that asymptomatic patients with normal oxygen saturation should not go for CT scans.

Dr. Randeep Guleria advised people to take both doses of the vaccine. He also said that if a patient has contracted COVID after the first dose then he or she should wait for 2 to 8 weeks before taking the second dose of the vaccine. He recommended that if a person is having mild symptoms, fever, or cold, he should not get vaccinated.

“You can get inoculated after recovery so that next time, the vaccine will act as a protective shield in your body to fight the virus,” Dr. Guleria said.

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First published: 5 May 2021, 13:52 IST