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COVID-19 Precautions: Tips for woman tested corona positive during pregnancy

Speed News Desk | Updated on: 29 April 2021, 10:04 IST

Several myths and inconclusive reports are doing rounds about the woman who got tested positive for coronavirus during pregnancy. If you are a pregnant woman and want to know what you should do after tested positive for COVID then this report will surely give you an answer.

Firstly, don’t get panic if your COVID report is positive.

As per the latest study by Oxford University, a pregnant women infected with the deadly virus and their newborn babies might face a higher risk of complication than was previously known. However, this does not apply to all pregnant women.

Reportedly, the study of Oxford University was a smaller one and needs to do more research for concrete results.

Health experts believed that a pregnant lady has to be more careful as she is dealing with two lives. Though there is no need to be panic if there are no complications involved.
Experts say that mild symptoms can also be cured at home with proper diet, rest, and exercise.

Though during stages of pregnancy, a woman might have some complications as her immunity might be low.

To save oneself from the virus, the pregnant woman should limit her hospital visit.

Second wave is highly risky than first wave of COVID:

During the first wave of COVID, not many pregnant women got affected by the coronavirus. But, the second wave has different results as the number of cases is rising. Women who have comorbidities are at more risk.

Several cases have been reported where COVID affects the baby in the mother’s womb by reducing the amniotic fluid around the baby.

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Doctors say the new strain is more responsible for the surge in COVID cases among pregnant women. The virus is also transmissible, therefore, a pregnant lady should also escape the RT-PCR test.

Good news for pregnant women:

According to doctors, there are no birth complications involved due to COVID. However, it depends on the severity of the cases. If the patient’s oxygen level is fine and there are no comorbidities, then there will be no risk involved in the delivery of the child.

Precautions should be taken by pregnant women:

  • No compromise with COVID safety protocol which means don’t step out until necessary.
    Involve vitamins and zinc in your diet. Take proper rest and moderate exercise.
  • In case, your COVID report is positive then don’t panic and rush to the hospital as a most patients with mild symptoms can be cured at home with phone consultations with the doctor.
  • Don’t take any medicines without a doctor’s prescription. Always consult your doctor.  Keep checking your oxygen levels and temperature every 5-6 hours.
  • Isolate yourself

Know when medical attention is required:

If your temperature doesn’t subside even after taking paracetamol for four days and your oxygen level is dropping below 94, then medical attention is required. In case, your nails turn blue or you are having severe chest pain then don’t wait for a moment and immediately rush to the hospital.

We advise you to stay home, stay safe during this tough time.

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First published: 29 April 2021, 9:55 IST