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Covid vaccine for all above 18 yrs: Things to remember if you are taking the jab

Speed News Desk | Updated on: 28 April 2021, 14:59 IST

The battle against coronavirus has reached the high point with the Centre recently announcing that the vaccine is now available for everybody above the age of 18 years starting 1st May. So if you are planning to get inoculated anytime soon, here are seven basic things you need to keep in mind.

Here’s a look at the seven things you need to note:

1) Sleep:

Make sure that you get at least six hours of sleep per night the week before you get inoculated.

2) Take a probiotic:

Reason for this is that “70 per cent of our immunity lies in the gut,” said Dr Vishakha. Therefore keeping your stomach in good health is pivotal.

3) Breathe:

These are overwhelming times but one must keep in mind that persistent stress can make things more serious. “Acute or chronic stress can weaken the response to the vaccine,” said Dr Vishakha. Try carrying out calming exercises, practice meditation or aromatherapy.

4) Avoid smoking:

Avoid smoking as this can scale down the antibody response to several vaccines. She suggests opting for a nicotine patch or gum, if necessary.

5) Avoid consuming alcohol:

Alcohol is injurious to health. It is advisable to stop consuming alcohol 3 to 4 days before getting vaccinated. This is because the same can weaken our response to the vaccine. “Avoid alcohol 3 days before and after you get your shot. Also, avoid binge drinking 45 days prior to getting your dose,” doctor said.

6) Add zinc to your diet:

Zinc is known to boost antibody response, so make sure you add zinc in your diet at least two weeks ahead of getting the jab. “You can also start taking a supplement or a shot prior to your shot,” said Dr Vishakha, adding that it is present in animal protein, sprouts, legumes. Lack of zinc in your body can be bad for digestion and health.

7) Protein intake:

Protein intake is very important. Pay extra attention to your diet to ensure this. The elderly can be particularly deficient, said the doctor.

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First published: 28 April 2021, 14:59 IST