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Lunar Eclipse 2018: This is when and how Blood moon will make its appearance in India

Speed News Desk | Updated on: 25 July 2018, 15:59 IST

This will be fascinating.

The incredible longest lunar eclipse of the century (so far by the way) will be coming to make an appearance on Friday night and Saturday morning, according to the multiple reports as the moon is totally eclipsed by the Earth for one hour and 43 minutes.

During this time, people around the world will be able to see a “Blood Moon”, as the Earth’s satellite turns red.

What is a blood moon exactly?

It is a name given to the moon during a lunar eclipse which when the planet Earth passes between the sun and the moon, casting the Moon into shadow.

Unlike with a solar eclipse, when the moon passes between the Earth and sun, blocking the sun’s light, the moon is not “turned dark” during an eclipse, but instead appears to turn red.

Where and when?

The people living in East Africa, the Middle East, across to India and the westernmost tip of China are lucky as they will get the best view of the eclipse.

North America, the Arctic, and the Pacific Ocean along with Greenland are the only places that won't be able to see this eclipse at all. They will have to wait till January 2019 to see it.

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In India

The total eclipse will begin at 1 am IST, finishing at 2:43 am.

There were also multiple reports which revealed that in India, the eclipse will commence at 22:42:48 on July 27 and end at 05:00:05 on July 28th.

We (Catch News) are giving you this information so that you don't miss out on anything.

In Australia

The moon will become red at 4:30 am AEST on Saturday morning, with the total eclipse occurring between 5:30 and 6:30 am.

In the United Kingdom

The partial eclipse may begin at 8:30 pm, the total eclipse will occur between 9:20 pm BST on Friday.

In East Africa

The partial eclipse will begin at 9:30 pm EAT, with the moon completely red between 10:30 pm and 12:13 am. This region will have one of the best views of the eclipse.

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On July 27, the night sky will be studded with another red shining object – Mars. On that day Mars is also nearly opposite to Sun and hence very close to Earth. Red Mars and Red Moon will dazzle in the night sky.

Around 12: 30-midnight totality would commence. For about next one hour the Moon will be completely inside the shadow of the Earth. It would be enchanting to watch the colour of moon change from crimson to brick red to many darker hues of red.

According to the experts, it will be safe to look at the moon during an eclipse.

Timeanddate.com has a good eclipse tracker, which allows you to enter your location and find out when best to see the eclipse.

For those in areas that will miss out on the blood moon, the Royal Observatory at Greenwich plans to stream live pictures of the event.

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Total view

According to the multiple news reports, India, Pakistan, South Africa, Saudi Arabia and the countries of Central Africa will witness the full eclipse.

Best viewing countries

Cairo in Egypt, Santorini in Greece and Harare in Zimbabwe are the places which blessed to get the best view.

Partial view

Only the final stages of the eclipse will be visible in South America just after sunset on July 27, while New Zealand will catch the beginning of the eclipse before sunrise on July 28.

Iran, Sudan, Madagascar, Iraq, and parts of Turkey, Kazakhstan, and Ukraine will also witness just a glimpse. 

With inputs from the POEC of Astronomical Society of India

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First published: 25 July 2018, 15:59 IST