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Virat Kohli reacts to persistent trolling of Indian coach Ravi Shastri

Speed News Desk | Updated on: 1 December 2019, 13:10 IST

Indian skipper on Saturday dubbed the perpetual trolling of head coach Ravi Shastri as “agenda driven”, stating that the Indian coach is hardly affected by perception that he is the skipper’s toady.

Get up, face the fast bowlers with “courage” and “without helmet”, average 41 as an opener – Virat Kohli went on to mention everything that Ravi Shastri did as a cricketer in his blistering counter to the current coach’s critics.

"I think most of these things are agenda driven and I don't know whose, why, what for, but to accept lies in that manner, it couldn't be anything but agenda driven," Kohli told India Today on its special show 'Inspiration'.

"... In Ravi bhai's case, luckily, he is a person that doesn't care at all."

Begining his career as a left-arm spinner, Ravi Shastri went on to open the innings for team India and also won the ‘Champion of the Champions’ award during the 1985 World Series Cricket, and Virat Kohli mentioned all the while offering his emphatic support to Shastri.

"(Promoted from) number 10 to opener and got an average of 41 as an opener, he is not going to be bothered about someone sitting at home and trolling him, because if you want to troll a guy who has done that, then get up, face those bowlers, do what he has done, have the clarity to do it, have the courage to do it, then have a debate with that guy," Kohli said in his message to the trolls.

"He is absolutely chilled out, he says our only focus is how we can be the best team of all time. I think these petty things on the outside, they don't matter at all to him."

Following the series win against Bangladesh recently, Virat kohli termed his fast bowling unit as a dream combination that can trouble any opposition on any kind of pitch.

The Indian skipper also stated that the relation among the fast bowlers is always genial and not a bit of insecurity regardless of all the triumphs and the intense competition.

There is no jealousy at all and that is their biggest strength, they don't care whether Shami is at 7 now or Jassi is at whatever ranking he is or Ishant," Kohli said.

"I think full credit has to go to them to these guys that they have been able to create this aura around them because of that friendship that belief and the intent being in the right place."

While, Virat Kohli looks up to Sachin among cricketers but his favourite sports person is Christiano Ronaldo.

"I think Cristiano Ronaldo because I like the fact that is targeted on a daily basis but he has the mental strength, the will to work hard and the desire to keep coming back.

"For me those things matter more than someone having absolute unreal natural ability, which is (Lionel) Messi, so I am in awe of Ronaldo."

Furthermore, Virat Kohli has been shattering records in recent times and has often drawn comparison with Sachin Tendulkar.

"Well I don't know how to explain it I mean I just hate losing. Basically I hate losing in anything, that is how a sportsman is made up, that is the makeup of any sportsman competing at the highest level," he said.

"I don't want any maybe, I don't what any ifs, when I walk on to that field it is an honour for me, and when I walk out I want to have zero energy left.

"I'm actually always trying to avoid that feeling and that's why I go along about my work in a crazy manner. I just have to put all my effort into every ball that I play, field or I am a part of."

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First published: 1 December 2019, 13:10 IST