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Leave MS Dhoni alone, there will be time when he will retire: Syed Kirmani

Speed News Desk | Updated on: 28 August 2019, 14:53 IST
Syed Kirmani

MS Dhoni’s cricketing career has been creating a lot of speculations lately, especially after his poor performance at the ICC World Cup 2019. On one hand we have people who want to see the former skipper continue playing and on the other we have those who want him to retire.

These difference in opinion are not only among the fans but also the cricketing fraternity.

In the thick of all the speculations, former Indian cricketer Syed Kirmani perceives that MS Dhoni still has lot to offer to the Indian cricket and must be left alone to resolve his future.

"Leave him alone. There will be a time when he will retire, but we must stop talking about his retirement now," Kirmani said.

"The way he has captained the Indian team, he's the best captain ever. He has taken the Indian team to the highest level in Test cricket, in ODI, in T20s..."

"Dhoni should stay as he's a big role model for the young Indian cricketers. He must stay. He already has stepped aside from Tests. It's his decision. We should not interfere. Has anyone else earned such a fame like Dhoni?"



Syed Kirmani further went on to say that question such as the one surrounding MS Dhoni always arises whenever a wicket-keeper reaches end of his career.

"When Farokh Engineer was in the fag end of his career, everyone was saying who's next and then Syed Kirmani came, then came Kiran More and Dhoni," said Kirmani.

"Some one will definitely take his place. We have three-four talented wicketkeepers in the reckoning. Wicketkeeping is not an easy aspect in cricket.

"It's the most difficult position on the field and it's a very key aspect of the game. Not everyone can do wicket-keeping by just wearing a pair of gloves."

Syed Kirmani further commiserated Weiddhiman Saha’s situation. Saha was India’s first pick wicket keeper after MS Dhoni retired from red ball cricket in 2014


But Saha’s prolonged injury allowed Rishabh Pant to take a footing on his position and has since lost his spot.

"Saha unfortunately had some injury problems. He has to be given equal oportunity. What's the point to be in the side, if you do not give chance," Kirmani said.

"We have to judge on pure performance. Saha came to Indian side following his consistency at domestic level. But when you're out of picture, somebody else takes over your place, so the likes of Karthik, Pant and came. Now we have to see who's is more consistent on the field -- be it in batting, wicketkeeping or allround ability," he added.

First published: 28 August 2019, 10:56 IST