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Here's how Virat Kohli rewards himself after scoring 'big runs'

Speed News Desk | Updated on: 2 December 2019, 13:11 IST

Indian skipper Virat Kohli abides by strict diet plan and loves to stay fit. He has not had a cheat day in the past few years but the Indian skipper makes it a point to have a heavy meal every time his body needs.

In an interview with India Today, the 31-year old stated that, he rewarded himself with ‘chicken burger’, a large fries and ‘chocolate shake’ after knocking 235 runs during a Test match against England in Mumbai back in 2016.

Kholi also went on to disclose that it was an advice given by Shanker Basu, the then fitness coach of the Indian team.

"When I finished on 235, I was gone, I was cooked, because during the game I don't like to eat heavy, so I was focusing on bananas and water and a little bit of dal-chawal and so on. So Basu sir (Shanker Basu) told me, 'tonight, you can afford to eat anything you like,' but even then I ordered - and I was eating meat that time - I ordered a chicken burger, I took off the top bun - I couldn't stop myself - I said, okay, one piece of bread is okay, not two, but then I had a big plate of fries and then I had a chocolate shake along with that, because I knew, my body needs it," Virat Kohli said.

"So if my body needed carbs, okay, go ahead and smash a meal, (but) not a cheat day," Kohli added.

Virat Kohli has transfigured himself a lot by maintaining an uncompromising fitness plan in the past few years. He has from time to time shared his workout videos on social media platforms. At 31 the Indian skipper is on of the quickest runner between the wickets.

After leading the national side to a whitewash in the Test series against Bangladesh, Virat Kohli will be next seen in the limited overs series against West Indies, starting 6th December.

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First published: 2 December 2019, 13:09 IST