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Sridevi's death was not accidental drowning? This new investigation will make you raise questions and believe something's fishy

Speed News Desk | Updated on: 16 May 2018, 13:11 IST

When veteran actress Sridevi passed away on February 24, 2018, the whole country mourned in loss. People could not believe their ears and eyes when they came to know that the Bollywood's Chandni was finally gone to heaven. The news came from Dubai where the actress along with her family member had gone to attend the wedding of a close relative who was her nephew.

It was only after the wedding that Sridevi decided to stay back in Dubai while Boney Kapoor, her husband who had went back to India along with her daughter Khushi was returning back to spend some time with his wife. As soon as he returned, he asked her to get dressed up for a dinner for which she went into the bathroom. Who knew that she would never come back again!

As per the reports that came out it was said that Srridevi, who was under the influence of alcohol died by drowning in the bathroom and loosing her control. Even the cause of death in her post-mortem report said that she has died due to accidental drowning. However no more details were given and it was being considered that many important information was missing somewhere.

Sridevi's last picture


Recently, the Supreme Court too dismissed the petition to investigate further into the actress's demise case and the three judges that gave the judgement said that the forensic report had not done foul play. Well now, it seems as if the case has taken another turn as a private investigator has claimed that soemthing is wrong in the case and being hidden. Let's have a look what the fiasco is all about.

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Ved Bhushan, a retired ACP Delhi police is the owner of a private investigation agency and has claimed that the Dubai police has been careless in the same case and this he investigated by visiting the Jumeirah Emirates hotel where Sridevi took her last breath and what happened there made him believe that something's wrong and that is when he decided to file a petition in SC to open the case again.

Bhushan, during an interview given to a portal said that when he visited the hotel, he wasn't allowed to have a look at the room where the actress stayed and so he recreated the whole scene in another room close to the same room and found out that there is possibly some other reason of her death and not drowning because it wasn't possible there.

Sridevi's report


Not only this, he even made some shocking revelations and said that the same hotel has replaced its front staff and the new staff are being asked to keep their mouths shut in the matter. No guest has been alloted the same room where Sridevi stayed and even a ban has been imposed on private videography inside the hotel.

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He wanted a clear answer to all his questions which he didn't found in the postmortem report. Bhushan further said although there was noone who would be benefitted from her death still carelessness in the investiagtion was done.


Recently, filmmaker Sunil Singh claimed that in Oman, an insurance of Rs. 240 crore was done in Sridevi's name but it could only be availed when the actress died and this raised question on all the events and controversies that took place.

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Well, we think the mystery (if, it exists) will only get resolved when the investigation will be further undertaken. What do you feel about the whole incident?

First published: 15 May 2018, 14:44 IST