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Ranbir Kapoor wishes father Rishi Kapoor 'was alive to see Shamshera'

News Agencies | Updated on: 23 June 2022, 23:59 IST
Ranbir Kapoor (Image source: Instagram)

Bollywood actor Ranbir Kapoor, who in 'Shamshera' for the first time will be seen as a quintessential Hindi film hero, feels his father Rishi Kapoor would have loved to see him in the upcoming action entertainer.

The 'Sanju' actor stated that his father always wanted his son to play a hero who could connect to audiences across the country.

He said, "I really wish my father was alive to see this film. He has always been blatantly honest about his criticism if he has liked something or not liked something, especially with my work. So, it's sad that he's not going to see it. But I am really excited that I got to do a film like this and I hope that somewhere up there he is looking out for me and he is proud of me."


Ranbir further stated that 'Shamshera' is his attempt to speak to a pan-Indian audience, saying, "I definitely want to grow as an actor and a star and Shamshera definitely is a positive step towards that. You want to make films for a larger audience. You want to tell stories that different generations of audience can connect to and can get entertained."

"Shamshera is a step towards that but the film hasn't released yet. I am very anxious to know how people will accept me in this part but I am very excited that I got to play a part like this too," he added.

The plot of the upcoming movie has been set in the fictitious city of Kaza, where a warrior tribe is imprisoned, enslaved and tortured by a ruthless authoritarian general Shudh Singh.

Based on the pre-independence era, 'Shamshera' portrays the story of dacoits led by Ranbir Kapoor, whose only motive is to fight against the cruelty of the ruthless antagonist, played by Sanjay Dutt for the sake of the villagers.

Directed by Karan Malhotra, the one-minute-long teaser of 'Shamshera' looks extremely impressive and the 'Rockstar' actor looks fierce in this action drama. Along with Ranbir, the film also casts Sanjay Dutt and Vaani Kapoor in prominent roles. It's set to release in Hindi, Tamil and Telugu on July 22, 2022.


First published: 23 June 2022, 23:59 IST