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KRK calls Salman Khan 'Bollywood Ke Gunde Bhai'

Speed News Desk | Updated on: 31 May 2021, 16:49 IST

Actor Kamaal R Khan, in his recent tweet that seemed to be addressed to Bollywood star Salman Khan, asked him to fight his own battles instead of hiding behind ‘chirkut singer’ and ‘struggling actress’. KRK reiterated his promise to ruin Salman’s career.

“Dekho Bollywood Ke Gunde Bhai, Ladne Ki Himmat Hai, Toh Khud Saamne Aakar Lado! Ye Chirkut Singer, Struggling actress Wagairah Ko Aage Karke, Unke Peeche Naa Chupo (Look, goon of Bollywood, if you have the courage to fight, do so upfront. Do not hide behind cheap singers and struggling actresses)! I promise to destroy your career and make you a TV actor. It’s your #Antim time”, KRK tweeted.

While KRK didn’t mention anyone in his tweet, he made a reference to the actor’s upcoming film, Antim: The Final Truth.

Earlier, KRK was sent a defamation suit by Salman. While KRK has claimed it is in retaliation for his unfavourable review of Radhe. Salman’s lawyers on the otherhand said it is in response to allegations of money laundering.

Kamal R Khan threatened to ruin Salman’s career on Saturday as well. “Suna Hai Ki Ye Kaafi Logon Ka career Khatam Kar Chuka hai (I have heard that he has destroyed many careers). Whoever speaks against him, he destroyed his career. But Nehle Pe Dehla Hi Hota Hai Na. I am Dehla. Main Iska Career Chaupat Karke, Isko Sadak Par Le Aaoonga (But I am a formidable force. I will end his career and bring him on the streets),” he wrote.

In the meantime, KRK has stated that more than 20 people from the film industry, who were ‘scared’ to rub Salman the wrong way, have shown their support to him. He said that he could not let them down and pledged to ‘fight for all those people’.

At first, following the legal notice from Salman Khan, KRK said that he will no longer review his films. However, he later stated that he will continue to review every song and film of Salman, even if the actor ‘touches his feet’ and requests him not to do so.

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First published: 31 May 2021, 16:49 IST