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YUKK! Have you seen these horrible dishes at Sweden’s disgusting food museum yet? See pics

Speed News Desk | Updated on: 20 November 2018, 14:10 IST

Museum is one such place after visiting where people usually get amused and amazed but a new museum in Sweden is going to make you puke and your stomach upset. Yes, that’s true! The world’s first and probably last – Disgusting Food Museum opened up in Sweden on 31 October and for many even the thought of going there, made them feel disgusted. At the place you can witness some of the most disgusting, smelling, pungent foods from all over that might taste good but are made by making an animal suffer horribly.

The man behind the idea of this unique museum is none other than Dr Samuel West who has also made the popular Museum of Failure in Sweden, the one that also has its franchises in Toronto and Los Angeles. West, while talking to a portal said, “The emotion of disgust is something that’s primarily evolutionary. It’s to protect us from toxic food. We humans have taken disgust and applied it in different areas of life, like morals.”

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Disgusting Food Museum


There are a lot of disgusting dishes at the place that can either be enjoyed or disgusted upon such as durian, a fruit so pungent that it is banned in public transport in Singapore, raw bull’s penis, fermented herring from Sweden, roasted guinea pig from Peru, French foie gras, monkey brain, Chinese mouse wine, Philippine delicacy of a boiled fertilized duck egg and many more.

We cannot take you over there but for sure we can show you an insight of what is all that is present here. Check these picture out:

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1. Su Callu Sardu- cheese made from baby goat's stomach

Su Callu Sardu

2. Century old eggs

Century Old Eggs

3. Kale Pache- dish made of boiled cow and sheep parts

Kale Pache

4. Fruit Bat

Fruit Bat

5. Sheep eyeball soup

Sheep Eyeball Soup

6. Cuy – Roasted Guinea Pigs

Cuy – Roasted Guinea Pigs

7. Casu Marzu- maggot infested cheese

Casu Marzu

8. Bull's penis

Bull Penis


How are you feeling now?

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First published: 20 November 2018, 14:06 IST