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Watch two snakes dance in golf course; netizens call it ‘naagin dance’

Speed News Desk | Updated on: 14 March 2020, 15:30 IST

A video of two snakes has surfaced the Internet in which they can be seen dancing at a golf course.

The 36-second clip shows the two snakes dancing near the bushes and trees at the park. The man who has recorded the video can be heard saying don’t disturb the two reptiles.

The video was shared by Vasudha Varma with a caption, “A cozy corner in a golf course becomes a dance floor. Gracious, synchronized swirling and twirling! Beauty is nature.”

Watch the video here:


In the above video, the snakes were swirling and twirling and people in the golf course were also recording the snakes.

The video has garnered over 8k views on Twitter and the comment section has been flooded with several reactions.

Many people suggested that the snakes were mating while many were saying that they were dancing.

Another user wrote that the snakes were neither dancing nor mating but it was a territorial fight between two male snakes.

Check out reactions of netizens:


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First published: 14 March 2020, 15:30 IST