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Video: Instant Karma Strikes

Speed News Desk | Updated on: 22 June 2024, 11:25 IST
Instant Karma

In this video, a man gets a quick lesson in "Instant Karma" after deciding to kick a stray dog. The dog posed no threat, yet the man approached it with an ill intention.

He swung his leg, attempting to kick the dog, but missed entirely. As a result, he lost his balance and stumbled awkwardly to the ground.

Meanwhile, the dog, unscathed and likely bewildered by the man's actions, trotted away.

The incident, captured on camera, strengthens the notion that unprovoked aggression can backfire spectacularly, leaving the aggressor humiliated while the innocent walk away unharmed.


The man's cruel intentions met the logical outcome—what goes around comes around.
He lost his balance and fell on the road. He stumbled as he stood up, trying to leave after the crushing defeat.

The man was visibly embarrassed and defeated, as he struggled to regain his composure.

The dog simply continued on its way, unharmed and free.

First published: 22 June 2024, 11:25 IST