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Wife Fatally Punched Husband During Birthday Dispute

Speed News Desk | Updated on: 25 November 2023, 9:54 IST
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Pune (Maharashtra): In a shocking incident that occurred on Friday, a 36-year-old man lost his life at the couple's upscale apartment in Wanavdi, Pune. Nikhil Khanna, a businessman in the construction industry, was fatally punched by his wife, Renuka (38), following a heated dispute over birthday celebrations.

Love Marriage Turns Tragic
Nikhil and Renuka, who had a love marriage six years ago, found themselves entangled in a tragic turn of events. The couple's relationship took a dark turn when Nikhil refused to fulfil Renuka's wishes for an extravagant birthday celebration in Dubai.

Incident Details and Police Statement
A senior police officer from the Wanavdi Police Station provided insights into the incident. The altercation between the couple escalated due to Nikhil's failure to arrange a trip to Dubai for Renuka's birthday and provide lavish gifts. Additionally, Renuka expressed disappointment over Nikhil's reluctance to travel to Delhi for the birthdays of some relatives.

Fatal Consequences
The verbal confrontation reached a breaking point when Renuka, fueled by anger and frustration, physically assaulted Nikhil. The force of the punch resulted in severe injuries, including a broken nose and teeth, causing Nikhil to lose consciousness due to heavy bleeding.

The police have registered a case against Renuka under IPC Section 302. Renuka has been arrested to facilitate further investigation into the circumstances leading to the fatal assault.

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First published: 25 November 2023, 9:44 IST