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Tourist's Snake Kiss Ends in Fang and Panic

News Agencies | Updated on: 23 February 2024, 14:50 IST
Snake Kiss Ends in Fang and Panic

During a visit to a snake park, a woman's attempt to kiss a snake takes a horrifying turn as the reptile strikes back unexpectedly.

Unconventional Encounter
In the quest for a unique experience, the unsuspecting tourist leans in for a kiss, unaware of the impending danger. The snake, seemingly provoked, attacks with its fangs, turning a potentially memorable moment into a nightmare.


Panic at the Snake Park
The video footage reveals the chaotic scene that ensues. With the woman in distress and the snake's fangs embedded in her lips, the snake caretaker rushes to intervene, attempting to free her from the reptile's grasp.

A Lesson in Wildlife Interaction
There are inherent risks associated with close encounters with wild animals. Whether in a snake park or a zoo, maintaining a respectful distance and adhering to guidelines set by professionals is crucial to prevent such dangerous incidents.




First published: 23 February 2024, 11:53 IST